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In Motion Dance Center is your PREMIER DANCE CENTER for many reasons!  We take pride in havingTHE BEST STAFF in the Bay!  We have instructors who are passionate about teaching and are superbly trained to teach in each of their genres.  Many of our instructors hold BACHELOR DEGREES in Dance and have Dance Certifications accredited nationally, while some of our instrutors and the Director of the studio hold MASTERS DEGREES in Dance! Not to mention our staff members have also had professional dance careers with touring dance companies, on cruise lines, for Disney (nationally and internationally), the NFL and the NBA.  We search nationwide for amazing- qualfied instructors and have acquired them from all over the U.S.  Our instructors are superiorly trained in every way to others in the area.  

In Motion offers its dancers THE BEST VARIETY of dance classes.  We have over 100 weekly classes in 12 different styles and genres.  With that many choices we bet one of our classes will fit into your busy schedule!  Why not try 2 classes! Ultimately, in today's dance arena you can not just focus on any one dance style.  Dancers should be well-versed in many dance styles.  From Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Tumbling for technique to Hip Hop, Tap and Musical Theater for rhythm and style.  In Motion is your one-stop studio for it alll and we have the substantiated awards, reviews and history to prove it.

In Motion also prides itself in SMALLER CLASS SIZES.  Other studios may not have a student class size limit, packing 20+ students into any given class.  Or on the other hand, have classes so small children don't get to experience the energy of a group class.  In Motion is an established studio where the majority of classes are full because they are just that popular.  We cap our classes at 8, 10, 12 or 15 students depending on age and ability.  Giving your dancer the personal attention you want and they deserve.  While still allowing your dancer to be part of a group.  In Motion is a FAMILY, and we love nothing more than seeing the joy in each of our student's faces when they know we are there for them; nuturing their skills and personailties to become amazing people and dancers!

With 14 years in Martinez we have the EXPERIENCE you and your dancer need.  If you are new to dance you may not know what you are looking for in a studio.  The In Motion director and staff all grew up dancing in the studio setting.   Therefore, we know all aspects of studio life and how a dance studio should run.  Our expertise and PROFESSIONALISM is carried with us through every class, performance, and competition.  From dance class music, conservative costume selection and all student interactions, we pride ourselves in being ROLE MODELS for your dancer.  We truly believe this to be one of the most important aspects of being a teacher.  We aren't just teaching your dancer how to dance.  We are  demonstrating life skills that they will use everyday for the rest of their lives and emulate :) Dance class is so much more than just dance!!

So pick In Motion Dance Center as your dance studio and witness why we are THE BEST DANCE CENTER in the area!