Mindy Armando

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 Mindy Armando originally from Arizona, began her dance training at the age of three. After pressing her nose to the door watching her sister dance, the instructor welcomed Mindy into the room, starting her dance career. Mindy studied various dance styles and gymnastics throughout her childhood, but found her passion in Jazz and Lyrical. While in school, Mindy received honors in dance through the National Dance Society, and lead her fellow students as Dance Captain. While in college, she performed with various companies including Center Dance Ensemble and Ballet Arizona. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Dance from Arizona State University, Mindy moved to California. She has now been instructing dance for over 10 years, and enjoys sharing her passion. Her students continue to inspire and challenge her to push herself and her choreography. Mindy continues to help students of In Motion achieve their fullest potential in dance and acrobatics.