In Motion Dance Center is a state-of-the-art facility with over 5500 sq. ft. of space!!


Studio 3- Our largest performance studio.  With floating floors, central heat and air conditioning, full-length mirrors, a 60 inch TV for correctional video feedback and walls of stall barres and mats. It has everything our dancers need and want! Over 1600 sq feet of dance floor allows our dancers the best rehearsal space in the area!

Facility 2

Studio 3 waiting area with two large viewing windows.  Offers central heat and air conditioning, 2 changing rooms, day use and team lockers with beautiful custom paint and wood floors.

Studio 4

Our newest addition...Studio 4 with over 900 sq feet of dance space!  With floating floors, full-length mirrors, central heat and air conditioning and 2 large viewing windows.

Studio 4 waiting

Studio 4's large 500+ sq. ft. of viewing area/homework room. Complete with day use cubbies, 2 bathrooms, large viewing windows and homework tables.  

Facility 4

Studio 1.  Floating floors with a Harlequin vinyl dance surface.  Perfect for Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop! Air conditioning and heat, full-length mirrors, 2 large viewing windows, and over 700 sq ft of dance space.

Facility 5

Studio 2.  Floating floors with our hardest floor surface to accommodate our Combo and Tap classes with the best sound clarity and quality.  Air conditioning and heat along with full-length mirrors and viewing windows.